Mary Lee Field gives knitting lessons from early October through the end of May, but not during the summer months. Listed below are some detail about her schedule, classes, fees, etc. Please come by the shop or call to set up something just right for you, or for you and a couple of friends.

DAYS:  Usually Tuesdays and Saturdays, but other days are possible

TIMES:   10-4 on Tuesday, 10-2 on Saturdays

FEES:   $20 for a private lesson,  $15 each for a class of 3 or 4 students


BEGINNERS:  Start with a private lesson and learn the basics.  Once you are comfortable with the knit/purl stitches, you’ll be ready to begin a simple project or take other classes.

American OR Continental knitting styles—you choose

Private instruction that adjusts to your needs, strengths and abilities

Basic information on yarn tension, holding the yarn, mastering the knit stitch and the purl stitch

Leave the lesson with some “practice stitches” to work on as you gain skill and confidence


ADVANCED BEGINNERS:   Already know how to do the knit and purl stitches, but not confident enough to start anything more difficult than a scarf?  Look at the options below, call the store and talk to me about your interests/wishes, and we’ll set up exactly what you need.

PATTERN READING:  Learn to read the “code” that is used in knitting patterns and understand how to follow a pattern.  Select a pattern for something you WANT to make, then start with this class/lesson.  You can work in a private lesson, or get two friends to come for a class with you.

CAST ON METHODS:  Learn two or three cast-on methods that are appropriate for the pattern you plan to follow.   A beautifully knit garment begins with a fine cast-on.

INCREASE AND DECREASE METHODS:  Many patterns will call for increases and decreases.  Learn how to do these techniques using several methods and see the “looks” they create.  Then you can select the best ones for your garment.

INTERMEDIATE:  You can knit and have made things, but you want to know more?  Take a private lesson on one of the following, or find a couple of friends who will join you and take a class: THREE NEEDLE BINDOFF, ADVANCED FINISHING, INVISBLE CAST-ON, CORRECTING MISTAKES, KITCHNER STITCH, DUPLICATE STITCH, I-CORDS, DROP-STITCH KNITTING, AND MANY OTHERS.

ADVANCED:  Learn the most advanced knitting skills, in a private lesson or in a class:  CABLE TECHNIQUES, LACE KNITTING, INTARSIA PATTERNS, EDGES AND BORDERS, FAIR ISLE (two yarns in one hand), ARAN, SPECIAL STITCHES, AND …

Crochet lessons are available by appointment or on Fridays.

Needlepoint lessons are available Tuesday and Wednesday or by appointment.

Gift certificates are available in any amount.

CALL SOON!    910, 791-2157

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